Jul 15, 2009

Hydrangea Series 2009

2nd trip to Shirakawa-go in 2 months time. :)
This time, hydrangea is in full bloom in Shirakawa-go.
Meanwhile, back in Kyoto, it is so hot, that the hydrangea here has already started to wither.

Mosaic of hydrangea

Frog in green back ground

Pink hydrangea

Zen ...

Hydrangea in shallow DOF

Hydrangea in shallow DOF

White hydrangea

Bee working


Anonymous said...

mr. eddie! thanks for updating your blog (as our friend mrs. ling ling does not update hers anymore). where is shirakawago? i think i've never been there... this is not shirawakadori, right?

zbjernak said...

these flowers are awesome...

Lee Ai Ling said...

Oh. I LOVE the first picture. That is awesome.

Eddie said...

Dear Prof Nomi, it is that world heritage in Gifu (Shirakawa-go) , not Shirakawa-dori !!

Thanks Zbjernak and Ai Leng